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Peak AI 2017

The 3 Peaks Challenge

29th-30th April 2017 

Our first challenge was to conquer Britain’s Three Peaks in 24 hours and it took place in Spring 2017.

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing* the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, within 24 hours. PeakAI aims to accomplish this challenge with twenty four of London's most ambitious tech entrepreneurs, AI researcher and VC investors.

You'll need to a reasonable level of fitness to take part, but preparation (and social) events will take place beforehand. Transportation, awesome tee shirts and a celebratory after party will be provided to the legends that take part.

We do this to raise money for Against Malaria Foundation – one of the top-rated charities by Give Well. Due to an expansion to previously unserved countries they have a donation shortfall, and all the money raised has high leverage on lives saved. Statistically for each £2950 we raise, a human life is saved. How awesome is that?

*It's more like a fast-paced walk.

Read more about the challenge, pictures and story here


Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation provides long-life bed nets for developing countries. Continuously picked as Give Well (the ranking by Effective Altruism) as the top Charity in the years 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 for being one of the most effective charities. Despite the attention, they are still in a funding deficit due to expansion to previously unserved countries. For each £2,850 donated, AMF probabilistically saves one human life.

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Peak AI 2019

Maritime Alps Challenge

17-19th May 20179

The Maritime Alps Challenge involved hiking in the Maritime Alps, Italy. This challenge was accomplished with London's most ambitious tech entrepreneurs, AI researchers and VC investors.

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